Contents of the E-Book "Reflections on the Motive Power of the Environmental Heat"

This e-book in English is based on the report “Thermodynamic Properties of Argon from the Triple Point to 300 K at Pressures to 1000 atm” - National Standards Reference Data Series, NBS-27,  and on a series of theorems developed by the author, concerning the properties of Ericsson's ideal cycles, and finally on some computerized programs.

On this basis, the existence of Ericsson's ideal cycles is demonstrated, which reach an efficiency approximately double that of the corresponding Carnot cycle.

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Heat Theory and Global Warming

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The measures that the various Nations have put in place so far to counteract the global warming, are based on current scientific knowledge and it is a common opinion that measures of greater effectiveness cannot exist, since science is considered infallible.

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Note on the author

In this note I will try to explain who I am, and what the fortunate circumstances were, scientific and technological, that allowed me to write and publish the ebook "Unfinished Book on the Energy of the Environment".

My name is Maurizio Vignati, I was born in 1941 and I graduated in physics at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

I began to have deep doubts about the second principle of thermodynamics theory, starting from the second year of my university studies. It was not merely a dislike of this theory, which on the contrary fascinated me, but I thought the formulation of this theory was in profound contradiction with

the Scientific Method for Classical Physics that I was taught.

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Article (en-gb)

In a way understandable even to those who have no knowledge of physics and mathematics, the "Unfinished Book on the Energy of the Environment" E-Book raises a scientific issue relating to the energy problem that has never been addressed in the past 160 years.

"Click here" for a summary of the book's contents, and the huge positive implications that this issue can have on the problem of Global Warming.