Contents of the E-Book "Reflections on the Motive Power of the Environmental Heat"

This e-book in English is based on the report “Thermodynamic Properties of Argon from the Triple Point to 300 K at Pressures to 1000 atm” - National Standards Reference Data Series, NBS-27,  and on a series of theorems developed by the author, concerning the properties of Ericsson's ideal cycles, and finally on some computerized programs.

On this basis, the existence of Ericsson's ideal cycles is demonstrated, which reach an efficiency approximately double that of the corresponding Carnot cycle.

The existence of one of these Ericsson cycles having the remarkable property of being reversible is also demonstrated.

So it is possible to combine this particular Ericsson cycle with a Carnot cycle that takes place between the same operating temperatures, and this allows us to conceive a Perfect Thermodynamic Machine (P.T.E.), or a machine capable of fully exploiting the heat extracted from a single heat source.

In addition to this, the existence of two adjacent Ericsson cycles is also demonstrated, which, once they have been appropriately contrasted, allow you to conceive in another way the Perfect Thermodynamic Machine mentioned above.

All this contradicts the axiom that is the foundation of the thermodynamic theory.

It should be noted that the contents of the book were disputed by the physicist Leonardo Chiatti, who wrote a memo published by the Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics in 2006.

However, the arguments of Chiatti are not sufficient, in the opinion of the author, to demonstrate the non-existence of such cycles with “anomalous” efficiency.

The author's counter-deductions are published in the English eBook in entitled “Unfinished Book on the Energy of the Environment”.