Contents of the E-Book "Unfinished book on the Energy of the Environment"

This eBook highlights the real possibility that mankind would have to realize the "dream" of converting the spontaneous motions that permanently agitate all atoms and molecules of the terrestrial environment into useful energy.

Fig. 1 - Chaotic movements of a tiny particle of Pollen, resting on the surface of water,  that Brownian motions move from a point A to a point B

If this dream came true, the world we know would be radically different: it would become better under almost every point of view. For example, it could significantly decrease the intake of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, gas suspected to be the cause of so-called “Global Warming”. 

Although this book was not drafted in the forms and ways to which the Scientists are accustomed, these considerations highlight the importance that the contents of this book are being discussed on a scientific level.

However, it is very unlikely that this discussion will take place on the spontaneous initiative of some Scientist, while it would be more likely to happen if there was some kind of civil society intervention, because of the so-called "Peer-Review Process" - click on button “Global Warming” for further information on this topic. 

The book, in fact, is divided into two parts; a first part (until the end of Chapter 7) is informative, and therefore can be read by anyone, without the filter of some Auditor, while the second part contains reflections of the author addressed (it is true) to scientists, but they are only complementary to the informative part and are not fundamental with respect to what the author denounces in the first part.

Now the fundamental point is the following: in the first part of the book, the author limits himself only to denounce elementary errors of Logic introduced by the Founding Fathers of the theory that forbids the construction of the engine capable of realizing the “dream” of the first proposition.

These errors of Logic are contained in all the memoirs of the Founding Fathers elaborated in the second half of the 1800s, they are numerous (believe it or not) and easily detectable by anyone with normal reasoning, without having an Auditor decide whether the book can be read or not.

Moreover – important fact - the author shows that these Logic errors persist even in the modern University Texts on the subject.

Individual readers will therefore be the ones to make an independent judgment about the author's report of the aforementioned errors.

The question that every reader will have to ask himself after reading the book is the following: If the current theory of heat really contains these numerous errors of Logic, how can it be reliable - how can it be considered a reason to refuse the publication of studies aimed at exploiting the perennial movements that excite every atom or molecule on Earth?

If this happened in the past, once the theory’s wrongness has been accepted by the Scientific Community, it will no longer be possible to argue that the theory itself denies that Energy is available for free everywhere.

In order to prove the existence of the aforementioned Logic errors, the author was forced to report in the first part of the book the salient passages of the memories of the Founding Fathers, which may be boring for some, but on the other hand there was no other way to proceed.

The generic reader must not read up to better understand the scientific aspects of these ancient memories, but focus his attention only on these aspects of Logic which are part of scientific arguments, which (it is true) would be beyond the reach of the common reader.

In essence, it is not necessary for these scientific aspects to be fully understood to detect the errors of Logic that completely invalidate the conclusions drawn by the Founding Fathers.

In the second part of the book (Chapters 8 and 9), essentially dedicated to the "experts", the author explains the consequences of the failure of the program of the Founding Fathers about the fundamental theorems related to the subject in question.

The proposals put forward by the author to remedy or correct the state of the theory of heat. are also exposed.

In Chapter 8 it should be noted, in particular, the experiment performed by the author as repetition and refinement of the one attributed to Philip Hardcastle.

Also the experiment performed by the author confirms (like that of Hardcastle) the wrongness of the axiom which is the foundation of the theory of heat. 

Also in Chapter 8, four devices invented by scientists are described in detail, capable of exploiting the perennial movements that agitate every atom or molecule on Earth.

In Chapter 10 the special Theorems developed by the author in relation to the ideal Carnot cycle performed with a real gas are reported, as well as the theorems related to the Stirling cycle, with and without a perfect heat recuperator, and to the Ericsson cycle, with and without perfect heat recovery, always performed with a real gas.

Theorems related to combinations of Stirling cycles and combinations of Ericsson cycles with real gases are also reported.

In Chapter 11 the programs in GW-BASIC language written by the author to calculate the efficiency of the above thermodynamic cycles are reported.

In Chapter 12 various arguments are reported, somehow related to the topics covered in the book.

It should be noted, in particular, in the last Paragraph, the industrial patent certificate n. 1206242 dated April 14th 1989, issued to the author by the Italian State.

The characteristic of this patent does not lie in the concern of a particular device capable of exploiting the perennial movements that agitate every atom or molecule on Earth, but essentially resides in the fact of dealing with a "method" to achieve this goal – method that should include many other patents related to devices capable to completely convert heat into useful mechanical work.

The particular importance of this patent certificate consists in the fact that the exploitation rights recognized by the Law to the author have long expired, and therefore anyone can freely build and sell devices based on the method in question.